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Playground Games has been steadily doling out information about the sublime looking Forza Horizon 4, this time taking a look at the Spring season, as well as FH4’s main urban environment - Edinburgh.
We’re still about four months out from Forza Horizon 4’s planned release, but if you want an idea for just how efficient Playground Games has got at cranking out these titles, the full preload for Forza Horizon 4 went live on the Windows Store over the weekend. It appears as if this was quite the cock-up from someone at Microsoft as it’s swiftly been brought down.
Alright guv’nor, Forza Horizon 4 has just been announced at the Xbox E3 conference. And, er, if you haven’t guessed yet, it’s coming over here to Blighty for the first time. Which is great news, because we’ll be driving on the correct side of the road again.
If any of the conference hosts needs to blow the doors off of E3 2018 this, it's Microsoft. Since last year the Seattle giant has released the most games console in the world with the Xbox One X but has utterly failed to back it up with worthwhile exclusives. A string of disappointments and cancellations means the hard work on the excellent hardware of the One X is in danger of going to waste. E3 2018 provides the perfect platform for Microsoft to announce a blockbuster line-up of Xbox exclusives.
Leaks and rumours are ten a penny in the gaming world, yet one over on ResetEra has certainly piqued our interest. The leaker in question goes by the name of Klobrille, and their rumours are given some credence due to a previous leak in which they revealed a new Age of Empires was coming, that Forza Horizon 3 would be set in Australia, State of Decay 2 would be announced and that Sea of Thieves would be an MMO-lite like Destiny. That’s a solid hit rate then, and the only thing Klobrille has got wrong so far is that Rare is working on a new Battletoads game. Or are they?